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Silicon Laboratories Announces Industry's Fastest, Most Integrated Four Channel Digital Isolators; Specification Compliant Si844x Isolators Speed Time-to-Market for Customers

March 20, 2006

The Si844x single-chip solution greatly simplifies circuit layout design compared to other isolation technologies implemented with multiple discrete components. Based on a patented architecture, the Si844x achieves the highest level of performance using a unique RF encoding/decoding scheme that provides a robust isolated data path and requires no special consideration or initialization. While traditional isolation methods are notoriously slow and exhibit changing operating characteristics with temperature and time, the Si844x products are as much as 1500x faster than other isolation technologies and exhibit stable operating characteristics over temperature, supply voltage and time.

"Silicon Laboratories' Si844x digital isolators stand out as exciting new products," said Chris Ambarian, senior analyst in power management with iSuppli, a leading market research firm. "iSuppli has long been saying that one of the real challenges to lowering system cost using digitalized power techniques is to find a way to cost-effectively transfer a lot of data from layer to layer within the system with negligible propagation delay. It seems that Silicon Laboratories has just provided the missing link in our vision of exactly what the next generation of power hardware architectures need."

"The Si844x is an extension of Silicon Laboratories' innovative digital power product portfolio and leverages patented technology to deliver highly integrated power solutions with unmatched performance," said Don Alfano, director of power products for Silicon Laboratories. "The digital isolator enables us to increase our offering to power supply customers by offering a single-chip, fully compliant solution that can be used in a variety of applications that require isolation, level shifting or ground-loop elimination."

The product family includes the four-channel Si8440, Si8441 and the Si8442, all of which are offered in a 16-pin wide-body small outline IC package (SOIC) that is pin-for-pin compatible with competing solutions. The Si8840 offers four forward channels while the Si8441 offers three forward channels and one reverse channel, and the Si8442 offers two forward channels and two reverse channels. The Si844x products are fully specification compliant with Underwriters Laboratories UL1577 (USA), VDE Testing and Certification Institute VDE60747-5-2 (Europe) and CSA's Component Acceptance Service CSA#5A (Canada).

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the Si844x family begins at $2.44 in quantities of 1K. Samples are available now and production is scheduled for Q2 2006.

Silicon Laboratories Inc.

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