Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Conducting the business affairs of Silicon Labs in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with legal requirements aligns directly with our mission of providing quality solutions to our customers. A reputation for ethical conduct, market leadership and business success builds the bond between employees, officers, members of the Board of Directors, shareholders, suppliers, consultants and all business partners to satisfy the demands of customers. The integrity of Silicon Labs provides a foundation for this mission.

This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the "Code") applies to all Company employees, officers, consultants and members of the Board of Directors.

The Code is subject to all applicable law.

Nothing in this Code is intended to require any action contrary to law. If the Code conflicts with any law, you must comply with the law. Nothing in the Code is intended or will be considered (i) to amend the charter or bylaws of the Company, (ii) to change the legal duties imposed under state, federal and other applicable statutes, rules and regulations, (iii) to expand liabilities beyond applicable law, (iv) to create or imply an employment contract or term of employment or (v) to affect any rights available under state and other applicable law or the Company's charter or bylaws.

The Code may be amended, modified or waived from time to time.

This Code may be amended, modified or waived by the Board of Directors. Waivers may also be granted by a committee of the Board of Directors. Any amendments or modifications of the Code, or waivers of any provision of the Code for officers and directors, will be promptly disclosed in accordance with applicable securities laws and the applicable rules of the Nasdaq Stock Market. This disclosure requirement applies to any de facto waiver where an officer or director violates the Code but is not subjected to any internal sanctions.

You should consult the appropriate persons if you have any questions about the Code.

You are encouraged to talk to supervisors, managers or other appropriate personnel when contemplating the best course of action in a particular situation. Working the issues through these channels will help develop a culture of active deliberations regarding ethical matters. If a supervisor or manager does not provide a satisfactory response to any questions raised, you should seek guidance from the Legal Department in applying this Code to a particular fact case. In the event the issue rises to the level of a corporate governance ethical or legal concern, the Company maintains a Corporate Governance Compliance Hotline under the independent control of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors to enable anonymous submission of violations of the Code.

You must comply with the policies and procedures of the Company, but if a policy or procedure conflicts with the Code, you should follow the Code.

This Code provides general guidelines and is intended to promote (i) honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling or actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships; (ii) full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in reports and documents that the Company files with, or submits to, the Securities and Exchange Commission and in other public communications; (iii) compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations; (iv) prompt internal reporting of violations of the Code to appropriate persons identified in the Code; and (v) accountability for adherence to the Code. The Code is intended to complement, but not replace, the policies and procedures of the Company. If any policy or procedure of the Company conflicts with the Code, you must comply with the Code.

You will be subject to disciplinary action if you violate this Code.

Violators of this Code will be subject to disciplinary action.

1. Conflicts of Interest
2. Corporate Opportunities
3. Confidentiality, Proprietary Information and Intellectual Property
4. Fair Dealing
5. Protection and Proper Use of Company Assets
6. Compliance with Company Policies, Laws, Rules and Regulations
7. Full, Fair and Accurate Disclosure in Public Filings and Communications
8. Corporate Governance Compliance Hotline
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